Vice-President Finance and Resources Greg Fowler

Greg Fowler was appointed vice-president finance and resources at the University of Saskatchewan effective June 1, 2013.

In order to achieve its learning and discovery mission, the University of Saskatchewan must effectively steward its resources, renew and develop its academic buildings and endowment lands and ensure our faculty, staff and students are able to access the services and systems required to accomplish their goals. The vice-president finance and resources plays an integral role in ensuring the university has the resources required to achieve these goals by monitoring and reporting on the university’s operating, capital and research budgets; liaising with provincial government officials; establishing and maintaining the financial sustainability of subsidiary companies; and providing leadership and direction to staff in financial services; human resources; facilities management; information technology; consumer services and corporate administration.

Originally from Saskatoon, Greg has been engaged with the University of Saskatchewan for nearly 25 years.  Greg received his Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Economics in 1988 and Master of Business Administration in 1992 from the University of Saskatchewan. In 1994, he returned to the university as an administrator.  

Greg joined the University of Saskatchewan as assistant controller of St. Thomas More College in 1994, and in 1998 became the controller, which included serving as the director of human resources, physical plant, information technology services, Choices Food Services and ancillary services. He was in this position until 2006 when he became director of operations for the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing. In 2007, Greg was appointed director of consumer services, and served in this capacity until his appointment as vice-president finance and resources. 

Working on many diverse cross-campus initiatives, Greg has extensive experience working among many areas of the university. Greg served as the representative for the four Saskatchewan federated colleges on the working group and standing committee for university funding formed to reach agreement on the implementation and continued development of the Saskatchewan University Funding Model. Within Consumer Services, Greg was project lead for the undergraduate and graduate student housing projects, oversaw significant reorganizations to printing, parking and residence services, and a reorganization of food services that included major renovations to Marquis Hall Culinary Centre. Greg was also project lead for phases 1 and 2 of the service and process enhancement project, which was established to develop recommendations for service and process enhancement while ensuring the most effective and efficient use of resources.

Outside of work Greg is very engaged with the community. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Friendship Inn, chairs the Friendship Inn’s finance and audit committee, and has recently joined the Saskatchewan Regional Economic Development Authority Board of Directors.

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