Eco Pass

The University of Saskatchewan’s Eco Pass Program

The Eco Pass is a regular adult bus pass which costs 40% less than a normal adult bus pass. The Eco Pass cost reduction is shared through matching subsidies provided by the university and the City of Saskatoon. The Eco Pass offers the same riding privileges as a normal adult bus pass.

Click here to submit or check your Eco Pass Application  and to add your name on a Waiting List if all passes are assigned. (UofS login required)

The Eco Pass Application and Online Draw:

Click on the above link to begin the process for applying to the U of S Eco Pass Program in order to place your name on the waiting list.  

Requirements for Eco Pass participation:

Eco Pass requires monthly payroll deduction for the duration of the contract. Participating employees must be of permanent status or in a term position. We are unable to include graduate students whose payments are in the form of scholarship funding. Scholarships are T4A reportable “Other Earnings” and are not eligible for a “Taxable Benefits” to be applied against. Eligible employees must be on university payroll.

Eco Pass pickup:

If you are successful in receiving an Eco Pass, the passes will be available for pick up at Parking and Transportation Services Office. More detailed information on the contract and times and place of the pickup will be emailed to successful recipients. Successful applicants must download the Eco Pass Terms and Conditions Agreement, sign it and bring it to Parking and Transportation Services. 

Lost, Stolen, and confiscated Eco Passes:

Saskatoon Transit does replace the Passes, at a $5.00 charge.

The process for lost or stolen cards consists of the following actions:

  • The user comes to the U of S distributer, Parking and Transportation Office, collects a letterhead with information about the card, number and reason for replacement,
  • Then the user must take the letterhead and go to Saskatoon Transit’s Customer Service Center at 226 23rd St East to receive the new Eco Pass at a $5.00 charge.
  • The old card’s balance is then transferred to the newly issued one. Once the new card is issued, the old one is automatically placed on the hotlist and will no longer work.

Waiting List Users:

  • When a new Eco pass becomes available, we contact the next individual on the wait-list (all individuals who applied for the program but were not initially chosen are placed on the waitlist).
  • New users will only take over the remaining balance from the old users (anywhere from 1-11 months). Their contract will to be amended slightly to accommodate a revised timeline.

The new users will be instructed to pick up the pass from the U of S distributer if it was returned by the previous user, otherwise the new user will collect a letterhead from the U of S distributer and collect their pass from Saskatoon Transit’s Customer Service Center at 226 23rd St East at no charge.

For information on the City of Saskatoon’s Eco Pass Program use the following link:

Q&A for the Eco Pass Program

1.  I am going to be away during the summer. How can I express interest when I am not here?

We are hoping that one month notice will be enough time for anyone to apply before the draw is made.

2.  Will I be required to sign a contract and for how long is the contract valid?

All those participating in the Eco Pass program will be required to sign a one-year contract that must be provided to Parking and Transportation Services at the time of pick up. The contract is available online.

3. What if something happens and I am unable to continue to use the pass partway through the year?

The Employee may obtain a leave from the Program for reasons resulting from a change in location of employment or Employee’s residence, maternity/paternity leave, short-term or long-term illness, WCB disability, or Employer-authorized education or extended leave (as stipulated in the Saskatoon Transit Eco Pass Program’s Terms and Conditions).

The user will be required to return the pass to the U of S distributer on or before the last day of the month in which they have indicated their leave. A new user will be drawn from the waitlist and will resume the past-user’s pass from the U of S distributer on the first of the following month.

4.  Will the passes be split 50/50 between faculty and staff?

No. All applicants will have the same opportunity to receive an Eco Pass.

5.  Can I still have a parking space if I have an Eco Pass?

Yes, but we would encourage you to consider this program as an environmental sustainability initiative.

6.  What if I can’t pick up my pass during the assigned time?

You may have someone pick up the pass for you, but they must have the signed contract (signed by you) to leave with Parking and Transportation Services at the time of pick up.

7. Can I sign-up for the Eco-Pass Program on behalf of another family member?

No, this pass must be for the exclusive use of the employee who signed the contract.

8.  I know some employees on payroll who do not have access to email or the web – how will they know about this and have a chance to participate?

Arrangements have been made for those with limited or no computer access. These employees must still be on university payroll. They may express interest by coordinating with their unit’s management.

9.  Is this a taxable benefit?

Yes. The benefit amount will be recorded on your T4 slip.

10.  Where can I sign up for Eco Pass?

At the top of this page.

11.  Why does the Eco Pass program require that employees who participate be on university payroll?

The requirement for participants to be on university payroll is a requirement from the City Transit. This is necessary in order for the university to be approved for the matching subsidy from the City.

12.  Is Eco Pass in response to the parking increase?

The university is participating in the Eco Pass program as a sustainable alternative to driving and parking. This may be an appealing option for employees who wish to find an alternative to driving and parking on campus.

13 Can I use the Eco Pass any time I want?

Yes. Eco Pass offers the same riding privileges as a normal adult bus pass.

14.  What if an individual should decide they do not want the pass after all?

All names entered into the online draw will be rank ordered so that if any of the individuals decline, the next person on the list may be offered an opportunity to purchase the Eco Pass.

15.  If I am not successful in the online draw how can I find out where I am on the Wait List?

You may log on with your NSID and password (same as submitting your application) to check where you are on the wait list.  

16.  How much does this initiative cost the U of S?

The cost to the University of $36,900 was approved by PCIP in June 2012.

 View terms and conditions.