Student Permit prices

Parking and Transportation Services allocates more than 2100 parking spaces for students on campus. Due to the high-demand for parking spaces, an annual Student Parking Sale is hosted each year to match students with the available spaces. For more information about the online sale visit the Student Parking Sale section. The Student Parking Sale is open to all students including those registered to live in University of Saskatchewan Residences. 

Student Parking Rates (includes GST) - effective May 1, 2018

S lot

Located on Innovation Blvd


$462.00 (September-April)

Y lot

Located on East Road (off Preston)


$462.00 (September-April)

Stadium Parkade

Located off College Drive

some electrified

$672.00 (September-April)

Lot 15

Located at Preston & College Drive

not electrified

$378.00 (September-April)

Q lot 

Located on East Road (off Preston)


$462.00 (September-April)

Student Parking Items of Interest

  • Parking permits are required in all student-parking locations on campus.

  • All student lots are scramble parking which means any vehicle displaying a valid permit for the designated lot, may park in any available proper parking stall within the lot. Vehicles must be parked nose in and parked to the left or right of the marker post, occupying only one stall. The hang type permit may be used on different vehicles, but must be properly displayed on rear-view mirror (front facing and visible through the windshield), when parking in the lot.

  • AVI tags must be attached to the windshield on the driver's side of the vehicle for gated student lots. If you forget your permit in another vehicle, you must find alternate parking. Student lots are enforced on a daily basis.

  • Parking Bylaws and Policies must be observed at all times.

  • Students also have access to night parkingsummer parking options, and motorcycle parking.

  • Students also have access to alternative transportation options including ride-matching and bicycle lockers.