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Department Colloquium: Susan Dieleman,"Ideal Theory and the Fact of Historical Injustice", Friday, November 24th, 3:30 PM, Edwards School of Business (ESB) Room 103.

Philosophy in the Community: Valery Chirkov, (Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan), "Reflections on the nature of psychological autonomy: Is it possible to be free in the unfree world? ," Friday, December 8th, 7:00 PM, The Refinery (Emmanuel Anglican Church basement), 609 Dufferin Ave.

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Department Head & Graduate Chair
Peter Alward peter.alward@usask.ca
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Undergraduate Advising
Students seeking advice on programs should arrange an appointment through the Office Coordinator for Philosophy. <philosophy.department@usask.ca>

Philosophy has been a presence at the University of Saskatchewan for fully 100 years. Dr. Walter C. Murray, first President of the University, taught the first philosophy course here in 1909. The first Department Head was Ira MacKay and there have since been twelve more. Fr. Basil Markle began teaching scholastic philosophy in the Department in 1926; in 1936 he moved to the Department of Philosophy at the newly founded St. Thomas More College, the Catholic liberal arts college federated with the University. In the 1960s the main Department expanded to nine members under Dr. Leonard Miller (Head from 1961-1978). Recent changes have seen many new faces in the faculty, with four of the eight current members of the Department having been hired since 1999.

The Philosophy Department has a thriving graduate program, in 2010-2011 numbering 15 Masters Students and one interdisciplinary Ph.D. student. Current and recent students in our programs have secured 14 scholarships, including 4 prestigious SSHRCs; in a typical year we have a further 3 to 6 students holding Graduate Teaching Fellowships. The graduate program brings together 13 Philosophy faculty members from our Department and St. Thomas More College, and an additional 5 associate and affiliated members from U of S faculty.

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