Expanding upon the success of the Mission, Vision, and Values document and its extensive community consultation, senior leadership will continue the conversation on the next integrated plan. The president and provost will consult with senior campus executive and governance committees to define goals for the next university plan. Once set, the campus community will be consulted broadly to ensure that the goals for the next plan represent who we are and what we can achieve as an institution. 

The next university plan requires input from many stakeholders. The list below indicates the stakeholders that have been consulted on one or more occasions.


Planning Advisory Group
Senior Leadership Forum
Planning and Priorities Committee
International Activities Committee
Academic Priorities Committee
Teaching, Learning, and Academic Resources Committee of Council
Students' Forum
Research, Scholarly and Artistic Works Commmittee of Council
Deans' Council
USSU Student Council
Research Associate Deans
Provost's Committee on Integrated Planning
Financial Leaders' Forum
Indigenous Faculty
Indigenous Student Council and Indigenous Graduate Student Association
Board of Governors
Graduate Student Association 
Arts and Science Faculty Council
Aboriginal Advisor's Circle
Aboriginal Students Centre BBQ
Leadership Networking Session
Financial Services Management Team
Open Forums (3)
Academic Associate Deans
University Council
University Senate
President's Sustainability Council
Vice-Provost Teaching and Learning Portfolio
University Plan Open House (2)
ICT Leadership Team
Elders and Language Keepers