The next planning process

The University of Saskatchewan's next planning process has begun.

The planning process will be led by the Provost's Committee on Integrated Planning and the President's Executive Committee. An Internal Advisory Committee will provide support.

In the first half of 2017, the U of S community was invited to participate in the consultation and planning process. Meetings were held with many different stakeholder groups — view the consultation list.

For the new plan, there will be changes to our process. A high-level university plan that spans approximately eight years will be created out of these upcoming consultations. Following this, colleges and units will then align their individual plans to the university plan. The plans are intended to be living documents that adapt to a changing environment.

How will this plan be different?

Building on the success of past plans, we will move forward to create a new plan for the University of Saskatchewan.  

This next plan will:

  1. Be innovative, creative, bold and high level
  2. Have a set of specific strategies and accountabilities
  3. Be tied to the institution’s Mission, Vision and Values
  4. Lead to a set of measurable, attainable goals
Plan format

The plan format

Past planning process

The past planning process

New planning process

The new planning process


January / February 2017

  • confirm themes
  • draft goals
  • synthesize goals

March / April 2017

  • broad consultation
  • confirm revised goals

May / June 2017

  • share and consult on draft goals

Fall 2017

  • final draft of plan
  • consultation on final draft

Spring 2018

  • plan approval

If you have questions about the strategic planning process, or would like to contribute your thoughts via email, please contact