Connection to Mission, Vision, and Values

The University of Saskatchewan began an intensive consultation process in the fall of 2015 that culminated in a revised Mission, Vision and Values statement, approved by the governance committees of the University of Saskatchewan in October 2016. The Mission, Vision and Values statements, last updated and adopted in 1993, were strengthened to reflect the progress made by the university since then, and its aspirations for the future.

The visioning committee that led the work was chaired by two faculty members, and included representatives of the governance bodies of the university (Board of Governors, University Council and University Senate), two staff members, an Elder, and a student leader.

The visioning committee consulted broadly, working with both small and larger groups in various settings. Although not everyone was consulted in person, all members of the campus community— students, staff, alumni, faculty, donors, University Senate and the Board of Governors —were invited to complete an online survey to provide feedback and opinions.

The consultation process that was undertaken involved a deep, thoughtful process to ensure multiple layers of stakeholders influenced the final statements. The results of the committee’s work highlighted common themes that the campus community felt represented the University of Saskatchewan.

Next University Plan principles:

Connectivity         Sustainability          Diversity          Creativity

The four principles of the next University Plan reflect the revised Mission, Vision, and Values statement. They are woven into the text and will help to focus the university’s work in the future. These principles incorporate a dichotomy of tension within: to be connected within our practices, yet diverse in our program delivery and inclusion of different communities; and to be creative in our challenge of convention while adhering to sustainability of our institution.

University Plan 2025: Details