Native Law Centre Summer Program

The Native Law Centre (NLC) Summer Program (formerly the Program of Legal Studies for Native People or PLSNP) is an eight-week summer course offered through the University of Saskatchewan’s Native Law Centre that provides Aboriginal students from across Canada an opportunity to study first-year Property Law before beginning law school in the fall. Many students take this course as a condition of their acceptance to law school.

The NLC Summer Program has four objectives:

  • to prepare students for success in law school,
  • to provide an alternative means for Aboriginal students to be accepted to law school, 
  • to increase the number of Aboriginal professionals in the legal field, and 
  • to integrate Aboriginal issues into legal education.

Many law schools accept the NLC Summer Program's Property Law course as a first-year credit. This lightens the workload for first-year students and allows them to dedicate more time to succeeding in their other courses.

The NLC Summer Program provides full academic and cultural support to its students through writing workshops, mentorship, and a supportive and collaborative classroom environment. While the program prepares students for the challenges and rigours of law school, it also aims to facilitate a smoother transition for Aboriginal students into the law school environment.

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