Peter Stoicheff

"This is a university whose future rests on its great potential to inquire, to inform, to innovate, and to Indigenize and I am very thankful – I am humbled – to be able to play a role in it. And I am thankful to see how many people are here today, which I know means you want to play a role as well."

Incoming President Dr. Peter Stoicheff, July 9, 2015

Announcement speech

Thank you Greg, the Board, the selection committee. I’d love to recognize all of the honoured guests here but you have been recognized already. I do want to make particular mention of Premier Wall - I know that your calendar is filled with urgency and that you’re leaving shortly after this. The fact that you are here does speak to the significance of the university in this province. We’re really appreciative that you’re here. Thank you.

Gordon Barnhart: the way I like to put it is, it took the university at least ten long months to decide that it had the confidence to choose me as the next president, and it took ten minutes for them to know they had the confidence to choose you. Thank you, as other speakers have mentioned, for all that you have done and will continue to do in your role. Thank you very, very much.

I am excited and humbled and privileged to be named as the 11th president. I am excited now, but I was as excited when I came here as a new faculty member in 1986, as Greg said, as a member of the English Department.