Presidential Transition Advisory Committee membership list

  • Michael Atkinson (chair of the committee)
  • Lee Ahenakew, Board of Governors representative
  • Cheryl Carver, associate vice-president human resources
  • Rajat Chakravarty, Graduate Students’ Association representative
  • Doug Chivers, faculty member
  • Julian Demkiw, chief of staff in the Office of the President
  • Ron Graham, alumni representative
  • Toby Greschner, CEO of Northlands college, senate representative
  • Jay Kalra, chair of University Council
  • Patti McDougall, vice-provost teaching and learning
  • Rita Mirwald, community representative
  • Ivan Muzychka, associate vice-president communications
  • Martin Phillipson, faculty member
  • Jack Saddleback, University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union representative
  • Judy Yungwirth, director of corporate administration
  • Candace Wasacase-Lafferty, director of First Nations and Métis engagement
  • Jennifer Robertson, special projects officer, presidential transition advisory committee

To contact the presidential transition advisory committee, please email

Presidential Transition Advisory Committee – Terms of Reference

Purpose statement

The Presidential Transition Advisory Committee is constituted to assist the board of governors in ensuring a new president has a successful orientation and transition into the role and into the University of Saskatchewan. The committee will support the new president by:

  • providing appropriate information, and advice;
  • assisting in building, retaining and enhancing appropriate relationships; and
  • facilitating appropriate activities during the transition and first year in office.

Terms of Reference

The committee will develop, oversee, and ensure the success of a presidential transition plan to cover a period from the date of the announcement until one year after the new president’s start date. The committee will create a transition plan that will help the incoming president become familiar with important contacts and relationships, the university’s culture and the community-at-large. The committee will identify key outcomes and activities to accomplish its goals. It is expected that the transition plan and related processes will be consistent with University of Saskatchewan values, principles and goals.


  • To appropriately announce and introduce the incoming president to the U of S community
  • To assure appropriate connections with stakeholder communities
  • To retain and enhance strong relationships built by current and previous leaders
  • To recommend the development of appropriate briefing material and knowledge transfer
  • To ensure the university community is meaningfully engaged in the presidential transition
  • To take this opportunity to enhance the reputation of the institution

Reporting and Logistics

The committee will regularly update the Board of Governors on the progress of the transition and provide feedback to the incoming president and board in regards to the community response to the transition.

The board will ensure the committee has the necessary resources and support in order to carry out its mandate. It is expected that in order to implement the plan, subcommittees or smaller working groups will need to be established regarding specific topics or events. Examples of potential sub groups are:

  • Communications
  • Student Engagement
  • Faculty Engagement
  • Community Engagement (Business, Non-Profit, Arts)
  • Aboriginal Engagement 
  • Alumni and Donor Engagement
  • Government Relations
  • Farewell for outgoing interim president
  • Installation of new president


The committee is comprised of individuals who are best positioned to facilitate the information, relationships and activities for an incoming president. It is expected that these individuals would be connectors; those people that can ‘open doors’ to relationships with their respective stakeholder groups and/or hold knowledge or expertise that would be of particular use to the president during this time of transition. Although there is an initial list of suggested committee members the committee has the ability to change this list as it sees fit.