Certificate in Jewish & Christian Origins

The Certificate in Jewish and Christian Origins provides an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of the origins, development of and cultural impact of two world religions, Judaism and Christianity, from their beginnings in ancient Israel to the parallel developments of rabbinic Judaism and emergent Christianity subsequent to the first Jewish War of 70 C.E. to Late Antiquity, including some coverage of the origins of Islam in relation to Judaism and Christianity.

This certificate may be completed in conjunction with, or apart from any degree program, and is open to students in all colleges. This program is subject to the promotion and residency standards for degree-level certificate programs in the College of Arts & Science.

Students who have taken equivalent courses at other institutions may apply for transfer credit, which if granted will be applied to the certificate.

Students may take the required courses concurrently with other courses in the program.

Certificate in Jewish & Christian Origins (Cert.)