Engineering Entrepreneurship Option

The Engineering Entrepreneurship Option (EEO) consists of eight courses as an optional addition to any of the eight Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) degrees. Six, and up to seven, courses are delivered through the Edwards School of Business. The program capstone course (GE 431.3 Engineering Entrepreneurship Capstone) is taught within the College of Engineering.

It is imperative to note that Engineering students must have completed a course which covers elementary probability and statistics (such as GE 210, EE 216, or ME 251) before they will be permitted to register in COMM 205 (for which COMM 104 is a prerequisite). 

Undergraduate students typically complete one additional course per term in their third and fourth year of studies, as well as stay for one additional term after they complete their Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program requirements, to complete the Engineering Entrepreneurship Option. For exceptions to this schedule, please consult an Academic Advisor within the Engineering Student Centre. Alternatively, please consult the Engineering Entrepreneurship Option Coordinator within the School of Professional Development.

To register in the Engineering Entrepreneurship Option, undergraduate students are encouraged to contact the Engineering Student Centre via telephone (306-966-5274) or email.

Program Requirements

Suggested Terms for Required Courses