Engineering Professional Internship Program

The Engineering Professional Internship Program is a full-time internship opportunity which includes a minimum of eight months of professionally supervised work experience in industry. By participating in an internship, students are able to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their undergraduate studies in a practical and challenging workplace environment.

Given that the Professional Internship Program is classified as a series of four-month academic courses within the University of Saskatchewan, interns earn a competitive salary, may receive benefit packages, and earn vacation pay, all while maintaining their full-time student status.

Aside from gaining practical and in-depth experience within a specialized field, interns typically develop strong interpersonal skills, the ability to write reports, present seminars, supervise others - all attributes that allow College of Engineering graduates to better market themselves in an increasingly competitive job market.

Normally, an internship placement commences after the student has completed 84 credit units towards any major in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) program. Participating in the Engineering Professional Internship Program extends a student’s degree completion time by a minimum of one year.

Program Requirements

Engineering Professional Internship Program