The Slave Watershed Environmental Effects Program

Working with local communities and the Slave River and Delta Partnership (SRDP), SWEEP is establishing a community-based monitoring program. This program will empower communities to assess impacts to water quanitity and quality in the Slave River Delta, monitor furture changes, and collect information that can inform management decisions. A system of environmental indicators that incorporate both western science and Traditional Knowledge will address key community priorities, including water quality, hydrology and sediment load, air and climate,vegetation, and health of wildlife, fish, and insect populations. 

  • Read more about the project and its expected outcomes here
  • Read an interview with Shawn MacKay of the Fort Resolution Metis Council discussing SWEEP with One River News here

For more information about SWEEP, contact Paul Jones, Principal Investigator - paul.jones[at] . 

Photo credit - Tim Jardine  Photo credit - Tim Jardine  Photo credit - Tim Jardine

Photo credit - Tim Jardine