We are offering four tours as part of the CSA-CSHS-CCA-AIC conference. 

  1. Potash minePotash mine
    On Monday, July 16, we have 20 tickets to tour potash mines, with a second potential tour (20 additional tickets).  These tours will have a pickup of approx 7am, and we will take you to a local area potash mine for an underground tour and tour of the mill.  Tours cost $90 per person and include a bag lunch for the return journey, and you will arrive in Saskatoon between 1 and 1.30 pm.
  2. Campus area
    On the afternoon of Monday, July 16, we have 3 tours closer to campus (Tours A, B and C--choose one).
    • Tour A: Canadian Light Source (only synchrotron in Canada and largest science project in Canada located right on the Univ. of Saskatchewan campus), Agriculture Greenhouses (20,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art greenhouse facility), Horticulture science plots (67 acres of vegetable and fruit research.  Delegates are put onto hay bales on flat beds and taken around the plots), Patterson Gardens (over 700 trees and shrubs).
    • Tour B:  Grains Innovation Lab (malting, baking, milling labs), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Farm (Ethiopian mustard, condiment mustard, canola and camelina breeding programs at AAFC. It will also include an agronomic/entomological component where the focus is on the effect of seeding date, seed treatments and flea beetle damage on performance of canola, mustard and canola quality Oriental mustard), Kernen Farm (gifted to the Plant Sciences Department in 1977 by former graduate of the department Fred W. Kernen. The farm totals 520 ha (1285 acres) of which 130 ha (320 acres) remains as uncultivated natural prairie and is referred to as the Kernen Prairie).
    • Tour C:  Phytotron (largest growth chamber facility in the world, located in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources), Plant Biotechnology Institute-National Research Council (this world class facility tour will include hormonal profiling, mass spectroscopy, NMR, sequencing, etc.), Plant Gene Resources Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Canada’s Plant Germplasm System is a network of centres and people dedicated to preserving the genetic diversity of crop plants, their wild relatives and plants present and unique in the Canadian biodiversity. The system plays a significant part of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s commitment to the Canadian Biodiveristy Strategy.  National collections of oat, barley and wheat are housed here as well as many native species), Canadian Light Source (see Tour A information above).
    These tours are about 4 hrs long and cost $20 per person and include refreshments.  Pick up for Tours A and B at both the Parktown Hotel (1:30 pm) and at the Agriculture Building, 51 Campus Drive (1:45 pm).  Tour C is a walking tour which begins at 1:45 pm in the Agriculture Building atrium (51 Campus Drive).  All tours finish and drop off at the wine & cheese reception (Natural Sciences Museum) between 5:15 - 5:30 pm where registration material can also be picked up.  If needed, Tour A and B can also drop off at the Parktown.
  3. CCA Crop Research Tour 2012 and Beyond

For those interested in going on a NAFEX (North American Fruit Explorers)  tour, which looks at fruit production and fruit development on Wednesday 18 July, Haskap Day on Friday 20 July, and the Saskatchewan Fruit Growers Summer Tour on Saturday 21 July , please go to the Fruit Program for more information and how to register.