General Academic Assembly

The next meeting of the General Academic Assembly is Monday April 8, 2019 at noon in Convocation Hall.

GAA Agenda

GAA meeting information

About the General Academic Assembly: The General Academic Assembly is composed of the president, vice-presidents, registrar, deans and directors employed by the university or an affiliated or federated college, all full-time faculty members and a number of U of S students. The President is Chair and quorum is 150 members. The assembly meets annually to hear the report of the President respecting the state of the University and any other matters that the President considers appropriate.

Powers of the GAA: Under the University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995, the General Academic Assembly may require the Council to reconsider its decision to authorize the Board to provide for, on academic grounds, the establishment or disestablishment of any college, department or institute or the affiliation or federation with any educational institution on the dissolution of any such affiliation or federation. The General Academic Assembly also has the power to vote to determine whether or not council be dissolved and elections for a new Council be held.