The Senate is composed as follows: the present and former Chancellors, the president and vice-presidents of the university, the Minister of Advanced Education, the Deputy Minister, principals of federated and affiliated colleges, deans or acting deans of colleges, and such other deans of academic and student affairs and such directors as nominated by the president and approved by the Senate, 14 electoral district members, 14 members-at-large, six undergraduate students, one graduate student, and representatives of professional societies, groups or organizations in the province which in the opinion of the Senate contribute in a significant way to the social, economic and cultural welfare of the Province and have a demonstrated interest in furthering the goals of higher education and research at the university. 

Under The University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995, Senate is responsible for recommendations regarding the establishment or disestablishment of any college, school, or department; appointing examiners for and making bylaws respecting the conduct of examinations for professional societies; the granting of honorary degrees; and non-academic student discipline.