Semi-monthly Payroll

The university has now transitioned all employees and all groups whose payroll is processsed by the university payroll team to a semi-monthly payroll frequency.  This impacts all employees, paymaster groups, scholarship and bursary recipients.

Every month is divided into two pay periods.  First period is the 1st – 15th with salary payment on the 15th for salaried employees and on the 21st for hourly-paid employees.  Second period is the 16th – the end of the month, with salary payment at the end of the month for salaried employees and on the 6th of the succeeding month for hourly-paid employees.  Hourly-paid employees are paid six days in arrears to facilitate submission and processing of employee time transactions to ensure accurate pay.  If a pay date falls on a non-working day, that pay date will be moved to the previous working day.