Difference Between Hourly/Casual and Salaried Employees

What is the difference between hourly/casual paid employees and salary paid (salaried) employees?

Hourly/Casual Employees:  Track and submit their hours worked in order to receive pay; receive pay semi-monthly on the 6th and 21st of the month.

Salaried Employees: Typically paid at the same rate on a continuing basis, working standard hours each week (term, permanent, seasonal etc. positions) and do not submit regular hours worked (exceptions: shift differential, OT, etc.); receive pay semi-monthly on the 15th and last working day of the month. 

Pay Calendar

January 1 is the first day of the first pay period in a semi-monthly payroll cycle.  The first pay period for any given year is January 1 - 15, and the second pay period is January 16 - 31.

2019 Pay Calendar

EJS Submissions - Casual Hires

To facilitate payroll processing, an online time entry solution was implemented on January 1, 2018.  This allows casual employees to directly enter their hours and supervisors to review and approve submitted hours in PAWS.

Since casual employees enter their hours in PAWS, it is crucial that all hires are entered in the system as soon as possible to gain access to online time entry for their start date.  A few reminders for casual hire EJS':

  • Hire EJS' are to be submitted as soon as departments are ready.
  • Calendars are not available in the EJS - departments are not able to enter hours in the EJS.
  • Supervisor ID is mandatory for all casual hires.

The ConnectionPoint Data Processing team processes Electronic Job Submissions (EJS') for casual hires on a daily basis.  Below is their processing timeline:

EJS Submission Dates

Electronic Job Submissions (EJS) submission dates are defined in the table below.  These dates include various transactions such as salaried employee hires, promotions, leaves, changes in employee data, etc.  Pay dates stated in the table below are for salaried employees.

2019 EJS Sumbission Dates

Timesheet Submission and Approval Dates

Final employee timesheet submission, supervisor timesheet approval, and pay dates are shown in the attachment(s) below.  Employees must submit their timesheets in PAWS on or before the date and time specified so supervisors are able to approve the hours.  Supervisors must approve the submitted timesheets in PAWS on or before the date and time specified to ensure the employees are paid on time, on the pay dates specified in the table.

Dates appearing in red mean that timesheets must be approved by 5PM on that date.

2019 Timesheet Submission and Approval Dates

Extra Payments (OT, Shift Diff, etc.)

For salaried employees, extra payments such as shift differential and overtime hours must be submitted on or before the 3rd working day after the pay period cut off for these hours to be paid on the next pay period.

2019 Extra Payments Schedule

How To Guides

Entering Time as an Employee

The following guides show how to access time reporting in PAWS, how to enter hours worked as a casual employee, and how to enter exception time (vacation/absences) as a salaried employee.

How To Access Time Reporting in PAWS

Casual Employee Time Reporting

Salaried Employee Time Reporting

The documents below are one page summaries for employees outlining the employee responsibilities for ensuring time is entered accurately and on time.

Casual Employee Summary

Salaried Employee Summary

Approving Time as a Supervisor or Delegate

This guide shows how to approve time through PAWS, including casual hours worked and exception time (vacation/absences) submitted by salaried employees.

Approving Time in PAWS

Fiscal Year View

The document below is a one page summary outlining the responsibilities of a supervisor/delegate when approving time.

Supervisor Summary

Department Timesheet Administrator

The following guides show how to manage timesheets, how to assign delegates, and how to access and run timesheet reports in About-US.

Assigning Delegates for Time Approval

How to Manage Timesheets

How to Run Reports in About-Us

How to Run and Use the Timesheet Detail Report

How to Run and Use the Unapproved Timesheet Report

The document below is a one page summary outlining the responsibilities of department timesheet administrators.

Department Timesheet Administrator Summary

Punch/Time Clock Supervisors and Employees

The following guide shows how supervisors approve time through PAWS for employees who punch in and out using a time clock.

Supervisor Guide: Approving time in PAWS for Punch/Time Clock Employees

The following guide shows how time clock employees, who punch in and out using a time clock, can do this through PAWS.

Employee Guide: Time Entry for Employees Using a Time Clock

The document below is a one page summary for time clock employees outlining their responsibilities for ensuring time is accurate and submitted on time.

Time Clock Time Entry Summary

Department Information

The following documents include tools for departments: readiness checklist outlining key tasks, security review guide to assist in determining who in your department will be a Department Timesheet Administrator, and a spreadsheet to assist with tracking your delegate assignments.  Also included below is a document with important information regarding a classification change for student employment.

Casual Appointment Letter

Department Readiness Checklist

Security Review for Department Timesheet Administrators

Tracking Delegate Assignments Spreadsheet

Student Employment Classification Change

Accruals Reference Sheet

Email Reminders/Notifications