Ken Belcher

Professor, Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics, College of Agriculture and Bioresources
Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability

(306) 966-4019


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Resource and Environmental Economics, University of Saskatchewan
  • Master of Natural Resources Management, University of Manitoba
  • Bachelor of Science and Agriculture in Animal Science, University of Manitoba

Research Interests

Ecological economics; resource and environmental economics; environmental policy; climate change; wetland and wildlife conservation policy

Current Research

  • Targeting of Canadian Agri-Environmental Policy
  • Off-site benefits of water quality improvements caused by adoption of agricultural best management practices
  • Value of ecosystem goods and services provided by the Saskatchewan River Delta
  • Value of parks and protected areas to remote communities
  • Institutions and wildlife governance on agricultural landscapes

Recent Grants/Awards

  • Policy Development to Support the Provision of Carbon Sequestration and Other Ecosystem Services Through Sustainable Management of Livestock Grazing of the Grassland Ecosystems – Saskatchewan Cattleman’s Association (September 2014 – August 2016).
  • Targeting of Agricultural Beneficial Management Practices to Address Nutrient Runoff in Manitoba – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (September 2014 – June 2016)
  • Economic and Environmental Benefits of Agricultural Beneficial Management Practices in the South Tobacco Creek Watershed – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (September 2014 – June 2016)

Select Publications

  • Baird, J., K. Belcher, and M. Quinn. 2014. Applications of Water Economics and Policy in Canada. Canadian Water Resource Journal. 39(4):421-436.
  • Richards, G., K. Belcher, and B. Noble, 2013. Informational Barriers to Effective Policy-Public Communication: A Case Study of Wind Energy Planning in Saskatchewan, Canada. Canadian Public Policy. 39(3):431-450.
  • Richards, G., B. Noble and K. Belcher. 2012. Barriers to renewable energy development: A case study of large-scale wind energy in Saskatchewan, Canada. Energy Policy.42:691-698.
  • Smyth, S.J., M.Gusta, K. Belcher, P.W.B. Phillips and D. Castle. 2011. Changes in herbicide use following the adoption of HT canola in western Canada. Weed Technology. 25:492-500.
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  • Belcher, K.W, A.L. Hobbs, and W.A. Kerr. 2003. The WTO and environmental sustainability: is there a conflict? International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development. 2(1):2-18.

Current Courses

  • ENVS 808.3 - Tools and Applications for Sustainability Problem-Solving

Other Courses

  • BPBE 430.3 - Intermediate Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • RRM 114.3 - Introductory Resource Economics and Policy