Complete Gallery Handbook

1. Introduction, Contacts, and Emergency Guide


Important Contacts

Emergency Information

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2. Gallery Basics

Exhibition Cycle

Gallery Keys

Responsibilities of the Exhibitor

Basic Tools and Supplies Available

Gallery Access: Load-in and Pick-up

Load-in Driving Map

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3. Presentation Devices and Hardware

AV Equipment and Installation

Inventory of Projectors, DVD Players, and Television

Inventory of Aluminum Opus Frames

Inventory of Black Metal Frames

Inventory of Plinths

Inventory of Display Case Tables

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4. Installation and Take-down

Layout and Curating

Gallery Floor Plan Map

General Tips for Installing

Installing 2D Works

Installing New Media Works

Installing a Title Wall, Vinyl, and Didactics


Gallery Wall Restoration

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5. Lighting

General Lighting Information

Track Lighting Diagram

Light Installation Instructions

Ladder Safety

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6. Reception and Clean-up

Liquor Permits

Reception Supplies

Exhibition Expense Form Information

Clean-up Responsibilities

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7. Documentation

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery Archives

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8. Writing

Artist Statement

Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

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9. Publicity

Press Releases

Exhibition Handbills


Social Media

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10. BFA Convocation Guide

BFA Student Status

Faculty Advisor

Registration in ART 495

Exhibition Evaluation

BFA Checklist

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11. Exhibition Checklist

Exhibition Checklist

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