SPH Launches MPH Thesis Option

From April 2016, a select number of students studying for a Master of Public Health (MPH) will have the opportunity to transition into a newly developed thesis-based stream of the program.

The MPH thesis option will offer students the unique and flexible position to gain both professional credentials to work in the field of Public Health, and the research experience necessary to pursue a PhD.

The thesis option will only be open to students already enrolled in the MPH program. Around four or five students are expected to be accepted into the program this year.

Going forward, students with an interest in pursuing the MPH thesis option will enter the MPH program as normal, and identify a supervisor during the first term. The student’s supervisor will help to decide on a suitable 16-week practicum placement, upon which to base the research for the final thesis.

Students admitted to the MPH thesis option will continue to study core MPH courses throughout the program, but with fewer elective courses during the second year to allow time for the research necessary to complete the thesis. As with other Masters programs, students will construct their thesis under the supervision of an advisory committee.

It is expected that the MPH thesis option will take slightly longer than the regular MPH, to allow sufficient time to defend the thesis.

More information on the MPH thesis option can be found on the SPH website, or contact Marylin Rana, Thesis Program Assistant at marylin.rana@usask.ca.

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