SPH backs sugary drink levy

The School of Public Health (SPH) has supported a call for the Government of Canada to introduce an excise levy on companies that produce sugary drinks.

The SPH is one of 24 organizations nationwide to endorse the campaign, it was announced on March 16. 

New research conducted by the University of Waterloo, and commissioned by the leading Canadian health organizations coordinating the campaign, has revealed that a levy could save thousands of lives and billions of healthcare dollars over the next 25 years. 

High sugary drink consumption in Canada accounts for a host of healthcare issues, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Worryingly, it is young people who drink the largest amount of sugary beverages, which paves the way for poor health and overstretched healthcare systems in the future.

Read the Heart and Stroke Foundation's news release here.

See the Call to Action and list of organizations who support the levy here.

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