Picture of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. George  Mutwiri

Dr. George Mutwiri Professor

Research areas

  • Vaccines, adjuvants and immunotherapeutic agents
  • Vaccine formulation and delivery systems
  • Immunobiology of Toll-like receptors
  • Mucosal immunology

Current research

Dr. Mutwiri's primary interest is research and development of vaccines and immunotherapeutic agents. His laboratory is currently focused on the discovery and development of novel vaccine adjuvants, and investigating their mechanisms of actions. They are also exploring various approaches to improve the efficacy of vaccines and immunotherapeutic agents through appropriate formulation and delivery. Another aspect of his current research activity is investigating how innate immune responses are regulated in the intestines, using TLR9 activation as a model.

Select publications

Paternak, A., S. Hon Ng, R. Buchanan, S. Mertens, G.K. Mutwiri, V. Gerdts and H. Wilson. 2014. Oral antigen exposure in newborn piglets induces oral immunity in response to systemic immunization in response to systemic vaccination in later life. BMC Veterinary Research.

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Levast, B., S. Awate, L.A. Babiuk, G.K. Mutwiri, V. Gerdts and S. van Drunen Littel-van den Hurk. Vaccine potentiation by combination adjuvants. 2014. Vaccines (in press).

Awate, S., H. Wilson, B. Singh, L.A. Babiuk and G.K. Mutwiri. 2014. The adjuvant PCEP induces recrutiment of myeloid and lymhoid cells in injection site and draining lymph node. Vaccine. 32: 2420-7.

Jimbo, S., P. Griebel, L.A. Babiu and G.K. Mutwiri. 2014. IL-10-secreting cells are present in sheep jejunal Peyer's patches during fetal development. Cell & Tissue Research.356: 417-25.

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Lohmann, K.,  A.M. Lopez, S.T. Manning, F.J. Marques, R. Brownlie, A.L. Allen, A.E. Sangster, G. Mutwiri, V. Gerdts, A. Potter and H.G.G. Townsend. 2013. Failure of a VapA/CpG ODN vaccine to protect foals against experimental Rhodococcus equi pneumonia despite induction of VapA-specific antibody and IFN-γ response. Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research. 77: 161-9.

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R. Buchanan, R., Y. Popowych, C. Dagenais, N. Asic, G.K. Mutwiri, A.A. Potter, L.A. Babiuk, P.J. Griebel and H.L. Wilson. 2012. Interferon -gamma and B-cell activating factor (BAFF) promote bovine B cell activation independent of TLR9 and T-cell signaling. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology. 145 (1-2): 453-63.

A. Andrianov and G.K. Mutwiri. 2012. Intradermal immunization using coated microneedles containing an immunoadjuvant. Vaccine. 30: 4355-4360.

A. Dar, A., S. Gomis, I. Shirley, G. K. Mutwiri, R. Brownlee, A. Potter, V. Gerdts and S. Tikoo. 2012. Pathotypic and Molecular characterization of a fowl adenovirus associated with inclusion body hepatitis in Saskatchewan chickens. Avian Diseases. 56 (1): 73-81.

S. Garlapati, N. Eng, T. Kiros, J. Kindrachuk, G. K. Mutwiri, R. Hancock, S. Halperin, A. Potter, L. Babiuk and V. Gertds. 2011.Immunization with PCEP microparticles containing pertussis toxoid, CpG ODN and a synthetic innate defense regulator peptide induces protective immunity against pertussis. Vaccine. 29 (38): 6540-8.

Recent grants and awards

G.K. Mutwiri. Vaccine adjuvants: Innate immune responses induced by Novel adjuvants, NSERC Discovery, $145,000, 2014-2019.

G.K. Mutwiri. Improving swine influenza vaccines with new generation adjuvants, Alberta Livestock and Meat (ALMA), $160,800, 2012-15.

G.K. Mutwiri. Regulation of innate immune responses in the intestine, NSERC discovery, $140,000, 2009-14.

P. Aich and G.K. Mutwiri. Improving swine influenza vaccines with new generation adjuvants, Agricultural Development Fund – Saskatchewan, $198,000, 2011-14.

Novel ways to enhance immunity significantly and confer protection against disease using nanotechnology, Agricultural Development Fund – Saskatchewan, $215,000, 2010-13.