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Designating a Gift

Although undesignated gifts to the Annual Fund are always gratefully appreciated, LTS is happy to direct your donation where you want it to go.

If you wish for your gift to go to a particular fund, please indicate so, either in an attached note or on the memo line of the cheques. Offerings without such indicators are, by default, put into the Annual Fund.

Annually Funded Funds

Money in these funds is spend during the fiscal year (1 July - 30 June) in which they are received.


Annual (general operating expenses, salaries, special events, travel, professional development)

Library (books purchased in the current fiscal year)

Student aid

Technology (computers for the library, digital projectors, printers, software, and other technology-related items)

Bursaries and Scholarships

Jane Auman Bursary

Joyce & Herb Freeman Bursary

Luther Bobblehead Award

Pender's Purse

Endowed Funds

Endowments funds are invested with the requirement that the original principal remain in the fund. A portion of the earned interest is spent each year. In this way, endowments provide fairly predictable income for the seminary for decades to come. Unspent interest is added back into the fund, with the goal of increasing the endowment itself over time.

As occurs at other institutions, many of our endowment funds are used for major projects. The general endowment provides income for defraying operating expenses each year. Others support named scholarships or bursaries.

Operating Endowments

Hertha Pfeifer Music Endowment

Schmieder Resident

Rev. Dr. Olaf K. & Lila Storaasli Lectureship

Scholarship Endowments

Augustana Scholarship in memory of the Augustana Synod

(Erwin) Buck/(John) Kleiner/(Roger) Uitti Scholarship

Dr. Karl Holfield Scholarship

Ethyl & Paul Hordern Scholarship

Joseph Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Martin & Irma Leeseberg Scholarship

Rev. John G. Lokken Scholarship

Ruccius Memorial Scholarship

Lorraine Sommers Grislis Traveling Scholarship

Ray Yauk Memorial Scholarship

Bursary Endowments

Alva Bognard Bursary

Canadian Armed Forces Bursary

Margret (Lembke) Cardwell Bursary

Eleanor L. Gillstrom Bursary

Faith Lutheran Church (Burnaby) Bursary

Shirley Gislason Bursary

Goos Memorial Bursary

Janice Grundahl Bursary

Pastor Cezar Heine / Holy Cross (Inuvik) Bursary

Hosanna Lutheran Church at Luther Place (Edmonton) Bursary

David Kroeger Memorial Bursary

Phillip and Anne Kurtz / Trinity Lutheran (Regina) Bursary

Nachtigall Bursary

Fred & Frieda Oswald Bursary

Hertha Pfeifer Bursary for Pastoral Care

Rev. William Riekert Bursary

Rosenquist Memorial Bursary

Albert Schell Bursary

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Winnipeg) Bursary

Harold Tetzlaff Bursaries in memory of Peace Lutheran Church (Almeda)

Rev. Arnold Tiefenbach Bursary

Vinge Memorial Bursary


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