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How to give

There are a number of ways in which you can contribute to our mission here at LTS. For more information on Planned Giving, or a particular Scholarship or Bursary, the many different Funds to which you can give, or Online Giving, just click on the appropriate link. It is also possible to send us a donation by mail, by telephone, or to give monthly by credit card.

Giving in any form can be designated to a particular fund, or made in honor 0f, or in memory of, a particular person. For more lasting commemoration, it is also possible to establish and award, scholarship, or busary. Of course, while we appreciate gifts to our Annual fund, which is always in great need, we are very pleased and grateful to apply gifts to anyone of the causes here at LTS. Whenever possible, in the case of tribute gifts, we send a card to the family of the person in whose name the gift has been made.

Giving by Mail

To send us a donation by mail, you can either send a cheque (made out to "LTS"), or simply send us your credit card number and expiration date, along with the appropriate indication of the amount which you wish to give, as well as any indication of fund, or anonymity. Also, please indicate your own prefered address, so that we can mail you a tax receipt, and our thanks!

Our mailing address is:

Development Office
Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon
114 Seminary Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7N 0X3

Online Giving

A fast, easy and direct way to give is online, through the secure website, When you donate through this secured site, you give via credit card. We receive the gift within ten days of the donation, and we will send you a thank-you letter. When you donate through CanadaHelps, they will issue you a tax receipt, not LTS.

You may also donate through PayPal.

If you would like to make a donation online at this time, please visit our Online Giving page.

Monthly Giving

Many of our donors have fortified their partnership with LTS by making monthly gifts. There are several ways by which one can do this:

  • Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR): We participate in the PAR program operated by FaithLife Financial. FaithLife transfers the pre-agreed amount from the donor's bank account to the Seminary's on the 20th of each month. LTS issues a tax receipt at the end of the calendar year.
  • Credit Card: The Development Office charges your credit card the agreed-upon amount on or near the beginning of each month. LTS issues a tax receipt at the end of the calendar year.
  • Post-dated cheques: You send in a series of cheques dated to whatever is convenient for you. We cash the cheques as the dates arise and issue a tax receipt at the end of the calendar year.
  • CanadaHelps charges your credit card monthly on the agreed-upon date and sends the money to our bank account about ten days later. CanadaHelps issues your tax receipt. LTS sends you a biannual thank-you letter.

If you would like to donate monthly, please contact the Development Office to determine which arrangement works best for you. You can reach us at our mailing address as listed above, or by email to , or by telephone (306.966.7846). Please do not send credit card information by e-mail.

US Donors

Donors in the US are eligible for an IRS tax receipt for gifts designated to LTS and given through FRISBE (Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education). FRISBE (IRS EIN 91-1216755) is a U.S. non-profit organization that facilitates donations from U.S. alumni and other friends to Canadian schools.

Please complete this form, print it, and mail to FRISBE at the address on the form. FRISBE will issue you an IRS tax receipt and will advise LTS of your donation. Gifts are generally forwarded to LTS from FRISBE in the spring and fall.


Establishing an Award

There are two types of awards which can be established at LTS: scholarships and bursaries. A scholarship is an award that recognizes exceptional academic achievement or applied skills. Bursaries are distributed primarily according to financial need.

If you choose to establish an award at LTS, the name and criteria for the award may be set according to the wishes of the donor, in accordance with the seminary's priorities and policies.

These types of awards are funded in one of two ways:

Ten-Year Gift Awards

These are a lasting legacy that provide a long-term source of income for the award. A minimum amount of $20 000 is established, which produces around $800.00 per year in revenues. These revenues make up the award given each year. A larger principal amount generates a larger award, and contributions over time are always encouraged.
The principal is not spent for the first ten years. After that, the Seminary will contact the donor or designated contact person to negotiate the future of the principal. Continuing as is, developing new criteria for a bursary, or converting the principal to be used for current costs (including, if appropriate, bursaries) are possible examples.

[NB: Recognizing that over time, inflation lowers the value of endowments and that the needs of nonprofit organizations are not fixed in stone forever, the Canada Revenue Agency in the 1990s removed its discussion of endowments and instead describes these ten-year gifts. See and]

LTS prefers that endowment-type gifts be structured as ten-year gifts. However, in some cases, the donor(s) and the Seminary may decide mutually that the principal should be held in perpetuity as an endowment.

Annually Funded Awards

This type of award is ideal for congregations, organizations, and individuals who wish to fund awards on a year-to-year basis, with an annual gift. These awards depend upon the annual participation of the donor for continuance. The minimum annual donation required is $750.00. To establish an ongoing named annual award, a donor must commit intially to at least three years of support; after this the award can be renewed each year. The deadline for payment is September 15th, as our awards are distributed in October.

Please contact us if you have questions, or would like to establish an Award at LTS.

Planned Giving

If you would like to leave a lasting mark planned giving is a deliberate and meaningful option. Perhaps you do not have the funds to give the way you would like to, or want to be sure that when your will is settled your wishes are considered.

For more information, please go to our Planned Giving Page.

Contact the Development Office

114 Seminary Cres
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 0X3