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Student Financial Aid

The Student Aid Committee meets twice a year, in the fall semester and in the winter semester, to review all applications received. Students are requested to observe the following guiding principles and criteria when completing their application forms:

All full-time students (minimum enrolment of three courses per semester) are eligible to apply for student aid.

  • Students are expected to be fiscally responsible while they are attending Seminary. It is also the expectation that students seek out all possible avenues of funding, including student loans (provincial and federal) before requesting student aid from the Seminary.
  • In order to assist the Student Aid Committee in their deliberations students are requested to carefully, thoughtfully and accurately fill in the financial aid application form completely. In fairness to themselves and others they should neither exaggerate nor minimize their financial situations.
  • Bursaries are granted with the understanding that the student will continue in their studies for the entire academic term. Should a student withdraw from studies, they are expected to return a pro-rated amount of their bursary to the Seminary.
  • Students on parish internship are not eligible to apply for student aid.

Some of the criteria that will be considered are:

  • Debt load
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Summer employment
  • Amount received from student loans
  • Other resources

Normally student aid allocations do not exceed the cost of a semester’s tuition.  Student aid is applied first to outstanding debts with the Seminary.