New flooring has been installed in the college's Main Lounge.

Upgrades to college facility include Main Lounge

Significant progress has been made during recent months in the revitalization of the St. Andrew’s College facility by tacking some of the larger projects both inside and outside of the building.

Significant progress has been made in recent months in the revitalization of the St. Andrew’s College facility by tacking some of the larger projects both inside and outside of the building.

Work started with the replacement of five original ventilation fans in the attic. At the time of replacement, only one of the five had been working as the others were too expensive to repair or to even find parts.

Improvements have been made in the residence: Wi-Fi has been installed and a water fountain in the men’s washroom has been replaced. Antonio Rossi of our maintenance staff has been renovating some rooms by replacing flooring, painting and building closets to modify new desks. Antonio also had to do a few repairs in the residence kitchen/lounge caused by water leak damage from the heavy rain in July. To offset some of the cost for the Wi-Fi connection there was a rent increase of $25 per month.

Transformation of the Main Lounge has continued by replacing the flooring with the next steps seeing replacement of the furniture and upgrades to the kitchen and electrical will be done.

The most challenge work involves the heating system. At the time the boilers were replaced there was not a schedule for the next steps such as replacing pipes, valves, thermostats, controls and pumps. We have been replacing pumps one at a time and some have been rebuilt or repaired. They can last four to five years before they start having problems and can only be repaired so many times. The valves are the most common problem. The heat sensor has been moved from office 208 into the hallway, because once this office became too warm the steam boiler would shut down and there would be no heat called for until that room cooled down. We are hoping this will be the best solution.

A total of 19 windows were replaced during 2017 — 17 in Room 140 and two more in the office, Room 225. Furniture was ordered consisting of two desks and two chairs for each of two faculty offices.

The University of Saskatchewan has moved new tenants into the college building, all from the College of Medicine. These additions, combined with space for the science outreach program and a student lounge, means all of their rental space is now full.

On the outside of the building, the eaves and downspouts on the east side have been checked and repaired as needed; asphalt repairs were made to to the front and the back parking lot as needed; and landscaping was done on the north side of the chapel to prevent water from getting into the basement Room 140. Some additional work may be needed next summer.

The work and contributions of our college’s maintenance team is greatly appreciated. Custodians Silvia Barba Mojica and Jose Carcamo do the best they can to keep the entire building cleaned and Antonio Rossi fulfills many repair requests as he can in between his set projects.

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