Living in Saskatoon

University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan

Living and Housing Costs

Housing costs in Saskatoon are reasonable. Rental costs for apartments and suites range from $500-$800 for a bachelor apartment, $800-$1,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment, and $1,000+ for a 2-bedroom apartment. Rental costs for houses average $900-$1,500, depending on condition and the number of bedrooms. The average house in Saskatoon sells for approximately $320,000.

An estimate of minimum expenses, including tuition, books and supplies, living accommodation and food, local transportation, clothing, personal needs and entertainment, etc. is roughly $16,200 per year (Please see “International Student Cost-Estimate Sheet” for detailed information). You can also search the University of Saskatchewan Students' Union Housing Registry Database:  

The University of Saskatchewan Graduate House is a newly built residence for graduate students. For more information visit, or contact the Residence Office at or 1-306-966-6775.