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Research Snapshots

"Is She Really the Man?": Exploring Performativity in Twelfth Night, by Lauryn Andrew, Bailee Brewster, Bayley Farr, and Mae McDonald

Language, Class, and Mobility in Twelfth Night 1.5, by Nathalie Barabas, Lyreshia Chantasiry, Judy Kim, Huy Le

Social Behaviour and Gossip in The School for Scandal, by Stephanie Lipski and Katie Stuart

Past Issues

Cover Artist
Mike Tremblay

Defying the Law of the Land: The Lawyer's Role in Civil Disobedience in Canada
Ellen Bolger

The Failures of Neoliberal Food Security and the Food Sovereignty Alternative
Laura Dawn Friesen

Transgender Bodies in "The Little Mermaid" and Swim Thru Fire
Lizette Gerber

Investigating the molecular basis of rubella virus-induced teratogenesis: a literature review
Mariam Goubran

Review: NMDA Receptor Hypofunction and Its Involvement in Excitotoxicity in Schizophrenia
Trevor M. Krysak

Effects of the Moon on the Earth in the Past, Present and Future
Rina Rast, Sarah Finney, Lucas Cheng, Joland Schmidt, Kessa Gerein, Alexandra Miller


Linking General Internal Medicine Residency Training to Human Resource Needs and Roles in a Changing Health Landscape
Lindsey Anderson, Heather A. Ward, Sharon E. Card

Men’s Construction of Media Impact on Male Body Image in the Context of Heterosexual Romantic Relationships
Meaghan Beck Baker, Kurtis John Allen, Qingqi Thomas Qiao

Do squirrels in human disturbed areas become habituated to humans? A measure of flight initiation distance across disturbance gradients
Megan D Bjordal

Western Canadian Identity and the American “Other”
Alex Deighton

The Cult of Quality: White Eugenics and Black Responses in the United States, 1900-1934
Matthew Aron Ginther

The Safety of Aspartame
Nadia Makar Abdel Messih