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Dr. Anna Coles

Postdoctoral Fellow, Global Institute for Water Security and School of Environment and Sustainability

Anna Coles is a postdoctoral fellow working with Professor Jeffrey McDonnell. Her research applies hydrometric, isotopic, experimental, and modeling methods to understand the storage and release of water at the hillslope, catchment and landscape scales. Anna's PhD focused on fundamental questions of snowmelt- and rainfall-runoff delivery on the northern Great Plains of North America, while her postdoctoral work is applying this understanding in the design of soil covers at mine sites in northern Canada. She is particularly interested in the interplay between topography and spatial patterns in land surface variables - such as driving fluxes, soil characteristics, vegetation and land use. Her research seeks to disentangle the interactions between these spatial patterns, understand how they combine to generate hydrological responses across scales, and predict how they affect downstream water quality and quantity.