Phillip Harder

Department of Geology and Planning

Kirk Hall 44

Degree Pursuing:


Thesis Description:

Phillip completed his BSc (Honours) at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) in 2009. He held several research assistant positions related to hydrological research at the U of S as well as Environment Canada. He also served as the Data Manager for the Drought Research Insistute (DRI) until 2011. 

His graduate research focuses on the phase of precipitation and its relation to meteorological conditions in an alpine research basin (Marmot Creek). Development of a physically-based psychrometric relationship to identify phase is planned and the termporal scaling of the relationship is being examined. The relationship will be tested in CRHM to quantify phase identification improvements in hydrologic modelling. 

Research interests:

  • Psychrometrics

  • Prairie hydrology

  • Climate change

  • Surface water quality

  • Cold season precipitation