Raea Gooding Assistant Professor

Agriculture and Resources

NHRC 1022

Thesis Title:

Her graduate research focuses on water quality indicators in Tobacco Creek, Manitoba where local farmers are using beneficial management practices to see if this is having an effect on the nutrients entering the watershed.

Thesis Description:

Raea Gooding holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from the University of Saskatchewan, where she majored in Agricultural Biology and minored in animal science. Beginning in September 2012, Raea will begin her Masters of Environment and Sustainability, working with assistant professor and GIWS member Helen Baulch. Raea is primarily interested in the impact of agricultural production on the environment and on wildlife populations. Her Master's project will focus on nutrient levels and processes in a stream of Tobacco Creek, Manitoba, at a site where beneficial management practices are being implemented. She is particularly interested in the issue of eutrophication of Lake Winnipeg and elsewhere. Raea is also interested in international development, particularly food and water security, and land and water use by indigenous peoples.