Student Society

The Student Member Committee organizes student events centred on various water themes to encourage collaboration, leadership, research and networking. These include student mixers, panel presentations, movie nights and Blue Drinks at local watering holes. The committee includes:

  • Nick Dylla, President (MES)
  • Razi Sheikholeslami, Vice President (PhD)
  • Magali Nehemy, Social Coordinator (MES)
  • Sujata Budhathoki, Social Coordinator (MES)
  • Apurba Das, Treasurer (PhD)
  • Richard Helmle, Secretary/SYP Coordinator (MES)
  • Shelby DeMars, Communications and Webmaster (MSc)
  • Chris Marsh, Historian (PhD)

Stay in touch with the Student Member Committee through their Facebook page.

To become a member of the GIWS Student Chapter, visit our Become A Member webpage.