Marijn has left the freezer lab

Lab Experiment

Today we said farewell to Marijn, as she jetted off on a great trip around BC and the west coast. Marijn has been leading some freezer lab experiments on infiltration rates into frozen soils of varying water contents. The set up consisted of a set of large undisturbed soil cores, which we extracted from our Swift Current research site. Marijn instrumented the cores with soil moisture sensors and thermocouples and, during simulated freeze-thaw cycles typical of the spring melt, melted a pack of snow (collected and stored from the winter) onto the soil cores. Data analysis is to follow, and we’re excited to see what we learn from these tests! Thanks for all your hard work, Marijn!
Collecting the soil cores.

Marijn wrapping up the soil cores for transporting.

The instrumented soil cores in the freezer lab.

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