This one-day conference took place October 5, 2017 and was a great success as we joined together in our commitment to shifting our university to a stronger place of wellness by bringing awareness and support to the entire campus community and beyond.

Below was the agenda for the day.


Chad London, Dean of Kinesiology, was the MC for the event that introduced the key component to the University’s new Wellness Strategy, Healthy Body, Healthy Life and Healthy Mind.

"Be Well" Keynote Speaker

Allan Kehler

Allan Kehler – a renowned mental health professional, author and college instructor— shares his personal journey of persevering through mental health issues and addictions. Kehler tells his story of how, as a struggling student, his life was changed by a simple interaction with a professor and how the impact of that conversation is still with him today.

He reassures the audience that nobody needs to be fixed, rather, how the value of being seen and heard is immeasurable.

Healthy Life - Goodbye Stress, Hello Life

Allan Kehler

Kehler’s message encourages wellness by taking participants through a series of strategies that are applicable in both their personal and professional lives. Through an interactive quiz, Kehler ensures that all participants walk away with an increased understanding of what stress is and the impact that it has on their personal and professional lives.


  • identify signs of stress in both self and others
  • understand the relationship that exists between performance and stress
  • enhance self-awareness and balance through hands-on activities

Healthy Mind - Mental Health Recovery Stories

The Partnership Program

Listen to first-hand accounts of recovery from mental illness, including:

  • individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
  • family members affected by mental illness
  • mental-health facts


  • break down the stigma associated with mental illness
  • promote recovery from mental illnesses to reduce misconceptions associated with mental health disorders
  • reduce the fear to seek treatment and access services

Healthy Body - Be Active

Stephanie Fusni and Justin Andrushko
3:30 – 4:30 pm 

Through an interactive session, Fusnik and Andrushko, PhD students in the College of Kinesiology, will guide you through an education of the human body and how to incorporate movement into the classroom and workplace setting.


  • understand the harmful effects of sedentary movement
  • practical application of movement in the classroom or workplace

Wellness resources


Wellness Resources