We want to hear from you!

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the U of S community is the diversity in the thoughts and perspectives of our members. We come from different backgrounds, have diverse life experiences and each possess a unique viewpoint to share with those around us.

Your input is critical to supporting health and well-being at the U of S. Please share with us your thoughts and opinions on student, staff and/or faculty wellness. While you are encouraged to share any feedback you choose, the list below demonstrates the range of feedback possible.

  • The Wellness Partnership and Committees
  • Wellness strategies and plans
  • Processes to support member wellness and wellness strategies
  • Program measurement and evaluation approaches
  • Wellness resources at the U of S (or any gaps in resources)
  • Wellness success stories (either personal or shared with permission for a friend)
  • What's keeping our members from enjoying optimal wellness?
  • How could we do things better?
  • How should we communicate wellness at the U of S?
  • What can we do better to support wellness for diverse groups?
  • What great wellness practices have you heard of outside of the U of S that you think we should consider?

Information collected will help inform our wellness strategies on campus. While we will use your feedback to improve our approaches, we will respect your confidentiality and your name will not be shared unless you provide your consent to do so.