Wellness Strategy


To create an environment that promotes and supports the health and well-being of all who study and work at our campuses.

- The goal of the University of Saskatchewan's Wellness Partnership

Just a few reasons why USask is committed to creating an environment that promotes wellness:

1 in 5

Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime


Canadians miss a day of work every week due to mental health reasons


uSask students were treated for anxiety, ADHD, depression, mood and eating disorders in 2015-16


In recent times, we have come to recognize the struggles that increasing numbers of people in our broader USask communities face as they relate to health and well-being. Despite our differing backgrounds and stage of life, these challenges are common to all who live, study and work at the university.

In better understanding these inherent challenges, we recognize the importance of getting upstream from these issues in order to think and act preventively.

Our strategy

In order to be healthy, we must all be part of a supportive, inclusive and enabling community. In supporting this work, the university community renews its commitment to thinking deeply and intentionally about wellness – our accountability for caring for ourselves and one another individually as well as collectively. Only in committing to a continuing dialogue and action about how our community takes care of each and every one of us can we begin to identify the endless opportunities for positive change.

The focus and approach outlined in our overall wellness strategy is the product of countless hours of research, consultation, reflection and discussion. It outlines, both individually and as a community, the ways in which we can sustain ourselves and support one another in achieving our common goals of optimal health, well-being and personal success.

Please take a few minutes to learn how you can get involved, and share what you’ve learned with your peers. It’s going to take our entire community to support health and wellness at USask—get involved today!

We all have a role to play



Take care of yourself



Take care of our community


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