What We Do

The Wilson Centre is a hub for innovation & creative thinking at the University of Saskatchewan.


Our mission is to provide inspiration and tools to generate and build bold new ideas.


Our vision is to be a leading educator in ideation and create a culture of innovative thinkers.

What is the Wilson Centre?

The Wilson Centre is a 4,200 square foot, interactive and lively collaboration space located in the Concourse Building at Innovation place. The centre is a a meeting place for creative thinkers from across different backgrounds and industries. We offer hands-on opportunities to start generating, building and testing new ideas through facilitated learning and work space.

Does the Centre apply to me?

Our Centre is open to everyone: students, alumni, and members of the community.

If you have curiosity, passion, a question, an idea or feeling challenged to better something - we welcome you to come and experience the workspace and community. 

Who does the Centre collaborate with?

Our Centre has a wide-network of collaborators and partners and we are happy to connect you with any of our available resources. 

Looking for an incubator? Business planning? Funding? Our Organizations and Groups page should be a helpful resource to get you started.