Idea Lab

Discover. Create. Build.

What is it?

The Wilson Centre Idea Lab is 4,200 square feet of innovative space. We’ve loaded up our space with writable surfaces, low-fidelity prototyping, electronic building circuits, and bookable offices.

The Idea Lab is designed to bring together a mashup of all disciplines, industries, ages and backgrounds; promoting the basics of design thinking and user-based design.  

What is the purpose of an Idea Lab?

The purpose of the Wilson Centre Idea Lab is to provide a space that allows participants the opportunity to create an idea, test things out, and learn basic business skills to help build strong foundations for their ventures.

We have programs designed to help our participants focus on the end user, utilizing a process called design thinking. Programs include learning the concepts of human-centered design thinking and creating innovation that's valuable to the end user.

The Idea Lab is designed to:

  • Help with ideation - how to come up with an idea
  • Business basics, networking, and collaboration opportunities
  • Provide an interactive and collaborative space to mind map the progress of an idea          
  • Help with assessing market feasibility of an idea
  • Access to specialists in a number of fields from financial literacy, to legal, to marketing and communications
  • Connect different personalities and skillsets
  • Assist with presentation skills
  • Allow access to tools to build prototypes