Lab Sessions

Plan your next steps.

Curious about how things work at the Wilson Centre? The Lab Sessions are a preview of it all!

During the lab sessions, you will get a chance to talk to some our mentors and specialists, meet some other like-minded creative people, and utilize our tools to help you gain a better focus and build a strong foundation for your idea. Please note that Lab Sessions are complete for this academic year and are TBD for Fall 2017!

Come in and take a peek and what we have to offer and leave energized, inspired and focused! 

Here are the tools we use in our lab session: 

Visioning Board

The Wilson Centre Visioning Board is a tool to help those who are interested in entrepreneurship but do not have any big ideas to pursue. This tool helps you to take a step back before you dive into ideation and assess what sorts of big vision goals or aspirations you have for yourself.

Focus Board

Congrats! You' found a brilliant, innovative, and big idea! Now, it's time to focus on it. The Focus Your Idea Board is a good starting point. This tool can help you begin to dig deep and engage, observe, and immerse yourself in your end-user. This process is designed to help you ask key questions that you may have missed to help set a strong foundation for your idea. We'll work throug the Focus Board with you and figure out clear action steps and where we can help you with the next step. 

Business Model Canvas

This tool helps establish focus to an idea by concentrating on nine specific business components. Utilizing the Business Model Canvas, you will be able to become focused, while keeping your eye on the big picture. We’ll guide you through the basic concepts of the Canvas Model and be a support as you complete the Canvas on your own. Come to this lab with an idea or question and leave with a stronger focus and plans for next steps.

Want more one-on-one help and guidance on the Canvas Model? Inquire about our program Taking Your Ideas To the Next Step where you will receive programming, mentorship and skills for the next stage of your business. 

Prototyping & LittleBits

Generating ideas is one thing but bringing those ideas to life is another! The Idea Lab is a place for low fidelity, rapid, iterative prototyping. We provide the tools to allow you to physically engage with ideas.

Prototyping allows you to test ideas quickly and cheaply as well as gather repeated input from users throughout the design process. At the Ideas Lab, we have access to a variety of supplies from popsicle sticks to glue guns to magnetic electronic circuit boards. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your idea come to life so come on in and build your idea!

*Note, there may be a fee applied to extra prototyping tools as needed.