How to secure your Zoom meetings

Web and video conferencing services like Zoom have become an integral part of the daily routine for many people over the last few years. Whether to connect for a one-on-one meeting, or conduct large group conversations, the convenience of these services makes it easy to connect, but can also leave you susceptible to unwanted guests. ‘Zoombombing’, a type of prank where uninvited guests log into a public Zoom meeting to cause disruption, has become much more mainstream.

By ICT Security

Security tips for setting up your Zoom call

Preventing unwanted intruders is a crucial aspect of any Zoom meeting. Knowing how to deal with an inappropriate attendee during a live session can be stressful and if not handled quickly, can have unwanted consequences.

The following tips will help you ensure that your meetings are set up securely and prepare you if an incident should occur during a live meeting.

In Advance of a Meeting

  • Require registration for all participants.
  • Generate an automatic meeting ID.
  • Use a passcode.
  • Never post a meeting link or password in a public forum or on social media.

During a Meeting

  • There are three areas where the host or co-hosts can adjust settings:
    • The Security button
    • The Participants window
    • The Chat window
  • Lock your meeting after it has started so no new participants can join.
  • Enable the waiting room so participants must be admitted.
  • Prevent screen sharing as the default is set to allow any participant to share.

If a Zoombomb occurs, consider the following

  • Report inappropriate behavior during the meeting to Zoom by clicking Report under the meeting information icon.
  • Capture as much info as you can by hitting record, taking a screen shot or saving the chat.
  • Regain control of the meeting using the "Suspend Participant Activities" under the Security button. This turns off all participants camera, audio, screensharing, and chat, and also blocks new participants from joining the meeting. This gives you a chance to evict disruptive participants and restart your meeting or class.
  • As a host, immediately stop screen sharing and remove the unwanted intruder.
  • Report the incident to
Zoom’s tips for preventing meeting disruptions

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