Photo by James Fitzgerald, Unsplash
Photo by James Fitzgerald, Unsplash

Tips for working at home

For those who have never had to work from home before, it can be hard to adjust and stay productive in what is typically a leisure setting.

You can become easily distracted at home (family, laundry dishes, etc.) because you are in your personal space and not your usual work environment. On the flip side, you may find yourself putting in long hours since work is only a few steps away.

Here are some tips to help keep a healthy balanced lifestyle in these times.

1. Don’t Sleep In!

Use your previous commuting time for something you have wanted to do like reading a book, a quick workout, or trying a new (at home) hobby.

2. Set Your Schedule

Set a time to start and end your day, every day! Setting and respecting your work-from-home boundaries are important.

3. Keep Your Routine

Get up, do your morning routine, brush your teeth. Working from home does not mean you should halt your self-care routines.

4. Set Up Your Work Station

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for a productive day. Coffee, task list, etc. 

5. Take Your Lunch Break

Self-care is important every single day, but especially when you are working from home! Take time for a good meal and maybe a quick walk around the block for fresh air.

6. Get Productive!

Make a list of things you’ve been meaning to do around the house and spend your breaks working on the list. If gets you away from the computer but you are still productive.

7. Change Your Scenery

If you find yourself getting distracted, move to a different area in your home. Sometimes change of scenery is all you need to get focused again.

8. Meal Plan

Write down a meal plan for the week. It will help you stay on track and steer you away from stress or mindless eating. Remember to stay hydrated as well!

9. Stay Connected

Make sure you’re talking to your coworkers (via Webex, phone, Microsoft Teams), reach out to your friends and family. Schedule daily/bi-weekly touchpoints. Stay in touch so you feel connected during this time of uncertainty.

10. Use playlists to energize your mood

If you work better with some music in the background, create work playlists or access free services such as online radio, Spotify, etc. 


We can all use some help sometimes, especially during these stressful times. Mental health and support services are available for all USask employees. Be sure to check in with them on a regular basis.

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