Winter Walking Tips

With winter here in full swing, here are a few safety tips for walking on campus this winter.

Plan ahead

Make sure you have enough time to get to your destination.

Wear Appropriate Winter Footwear


Consider wearing ice grippers on packed snow and ice. Remove them when indoors, they can become dangerously slippery on smooth surfaces.

Stay on Track


Avoid using goat paths or blazing your own trail through snow where you are not sure what lies beneath. Plan and maintain a safe route on groomed paths to and from locations.

Watch Where You Are Going


Focus on where you are walking and be aware. Look ahead for ice or questionable spots and avoid them, travel along path edges for traction.

Baby Steps


Walk like a penguin on ice to increase your centre of gravity. Bend your knees and turn your feet out slightly, placing your whole foot down at once and take small steps.

Avoid distractions


Leave your phone in your pocket when walking to and from locations. Stop if you need to look at it.

Maintain 3 points of contact


When exiting your vehicle look before you step out and hang onto the door frame, steering wheel or grab bar; when using stairs or ramps hold onto the handrail.

Pay attention to “transition zones”


Be careful stepping from one surface to another such as into buildings, onto stairs, tiled areas or curbs.

Stay Balanced


Do not carry heavy or large items that can block your view or make you lose your balance. Use backpacks or sling bags to keep your hands free and arms swinging at your sides to keep your balance.

Pitch In


Spread sand on icy areas from buckets located in building entrances.

Call the Services team at (306) 966-4496 to report hazardous pedestrian conditions, areas of concern, or to request a bucket of sand.
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