Why do we do engagement surveys?

Employee engagement surveys are an opportunity for USask faculty and staff to openly share feedback about their experiences working at the university. Through the online survey, an employee engagement rating is determined by identifying the degree to which faculty and staff feel committed to and are emotionally invested in the institution and its success. The insights provided through the survey responses help to identify ways the university can improve employee resources and help to make USask a great place to work. All survey responses are confidential, and the information shared cannot be attributed to any individual.

Participation in the surveys is voluntary, however, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the opportunity to make their voices heard.

Why we use an external survey provider

Your privacy is important

The university uses an external survey provider for the engagement survey to ensure the responses and feedback provided are confidential. The information collected through the survey cannot be attributed to an individual and the university only sees the summarized results once the survey is complete. The survey provider was selected based on a thorough assessment that included analyzing the numerous options that are in the marketplace and factoring in criteria such as years of experience administering engagement surveys, current research strategies, and survey delivery mechanisms.

Invitation to participate

USask faculty and staff will receive an email invitation to their USask account from the external survey provider, McLean and Company. That email invitation includes a unique link that employees can use to securely access the online survey. The unique link is personalized for the individual and cannot be shared with anyone else.

Ability to see how we measure up

Another key advantage of utilizing an external survey provider is having the ability to benchmark our results against standards from a multitude of employment sectors and industries. The expertise that well-established survey providers offer in both administering employee engagement surveys and in the follow-up including post-survey action-planning tools and support allows the university to focus more on critical action-planning steps from the survey’s results.

What Happens with the Results

Once the survey closes the information and data are compiled into detailed reports providing an overall engagement score for the entire organization. This information is then divided into individual reports and engagement ratings for each colleges, department, and unit. The individual reports are provided to Deans, department heads, and leaders through their HR SBA prior to being shared with faculty and staff across the university. The survey results become an important component of future planning within colleges and departments.  

Employee Resources

USask faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize the employee supports that are available to them and their families.