Found items

All items that are found on campus can be forwarded to Protective Services. We will enter the items and their description into our computer database. If the item has a person’s name, student number or other such identification on it we will make all attempts to contact the person.

If you have lost an item

If you have lost an item on campus you can contact Protective Services. If we have recovered the item, you will be allowed to come claim the item between the hours of 8:15am and 4:15pm Monday to Friday.

We receive several lost and found items each day so if your item is not found the first time you call, please wait a few days or a week and contact us again. Often items recovered on campus take at least a week or two to be forwarded to the Protective Services office, and you are encouraged to check at general offices or information centres of place you may have been first to see if they have recovered your item.

Unclaimed items

Following a period of thirty days, any unclaimed items are destroyed or donated.