Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo, or Tactical Communication for Contact Professionals, enables employees to focus on the behavior of others while maintaining their own and other's safety and then use Appropriate Presence and Words to achieve a professional purpose.

Verbal Judo, like Judo itself, uses the energy of others to master situations. It contains a set of communication principles and tactics that enable the user to generate cooperation and gain voluntary compliance from others under stressful conditions. These tactics are especially useful when dealing with hostile, angry, upset, frustrated or disgruntled people.

Verbal Judo teaches a philosophy of how to look creatively at conflict, offering specific, powerful, and usable strategies to resolve tense situations. Employees will learn to respond to situations rather than react to personal feelings. Additionally employees will come to understand how to deal with difficult people and how to use conflict management tactics to diffuse confrontational encounters.

The VERBAL JUDO training program teaches principles and tactics that enable graduates to use "Presence and Words" to calm difficult people who may be under severe emotional or other influences, redirect the behavior of hostile people, diffuse potentially dangerous situations, perform professionally under all conditions and achieve the desired outcome in the encounter.

Verbal Judo courses are offered as a 4 hour information session, 8 hour course or an extensive 2 day course.

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