Campus Watchdog Program

Campus Watch is the longest established U of S Protective Services Program, created in 1988.  The program has been revitalized with the new label of “Campus Watchdog” and its success is achieved through a partnership between the Community and Protective Services.

Campus Watchdogs are the people of the University of Saskatchewan looking out for one another.  Community members are encouraged to become “Watchdogs” by reporting anything that appears out of the ordinary, anything that doesn’t look or feel right and anything they are suspicious of.  You, the “Watchdog” have the opportunity of make a positive contribution to our community.  Through your active involvement in this program, each and every one of you can help make our community not only a safer place, but also a better place.

A fundamental principle of Protective Services is to work diligently at Crime Prevention.  We would rather respond to a call that is deemed to be innocent than to investigate a crime that has already occurred.

Peel’s Principle – the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder is Protective Service's fundamental guiding principle.

Report An Incident Campus Watchdog