Collision Reporting


Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has made efforts to streamline collision reporting requirements. As of August 2002, motorists only have to report a collision to the police in the following circumstances:

• Collisions involving bodily injury or death
• Collisions that are hit and run
• When a driver is impaired
• When one or more of the vehicles must be towed from the scene
• When one or more of the vehicles is from out of province

All collisions not involving any of these factors can be directly reported to SGI.

These requirements were put in place to free up valuable police resources that can be dedicated to higher priorities.

If you are involved in a collision on campus:

  • Check with all parties for injuries
  • Call our department – Our Special Constables will respond to and investigate collisions
  • Check for Witnesses and record their name and telephone number
  • Exchange information with other Drivers
  • Provide a report to the police or our Special Constables when requested

If you are the victim of a Hit and Run accident on campus, please contact our department. We will make a report for university purposes.

You will then be asked to contact the Saskatoon Police Service to initiate a report that the Hit and Run detail of the Saskatoon Police Service will continue investigating.