Safe Driving

Traffic Enforcment on campus is a routine part of our duties, and is conducted to improve public safety for all on campus. For the increased safety of all on campus, we ask that you remember the following:

  • The speed limit on campus is a maximum of 40 KM/H
  • Come to a full and complete stop at all stop signs.
  • There are many blind intersections and pedestrian crosswalks on campus.
  • Pedestrians on campus have the right of way at all crosswalks.
  • Wear your seat belts! Seat belts are less restrictive than a wheel chair.
  • Don't drink and Drive! Have a designated driver or use public transportation.
  • Do not park in non-designated areas. This will only impede traffic flow and increase the risk of an accident on campus.
  • Maintain your vehicle properly. This includes all light systems, braking system, tires and of course, ensuring that your registration is valid.

Don't Forget

LOCK YOUR VEHICLE and take the keys with you. Many auto thefts occur because the owner did not take time to secure their vehicle. Don't make your vehicle a target of opportunity by leaving it unlocked.

DO NOT PARK in isolated, dark places if these areas can be avoided. Park where there are people about and where the parking area is lit by street lights.

DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLE items unattended in your vehicle. Place expensive items such as cameras, compact discs, and even text books in the locked trunk.

WHILE RIDING IN YOUR VEHICLE be aware of your surroundings at night. When approaching an intersection, leave one or two vehicle lengths distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. This creates an escape route should the need arise.